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— Daily Tune 20/01/2021

“And Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright)” By William Doyle Is A Mood-Lifting Treasure

To my shame I have to admit that I lost track of the work of acclaimed British songwriter William Doyle after he ditched his artist alias East India Youth a few years ago. Obviously that’s quite a shame considering the name change didn’t affect the musical quality at all. Judging from his brand new single And Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright) it might have even improved sings. So, yes, here I am back on the William Doyle train. His new album Great Spans Of Muddy Time (out on March 19) is already his fourth full length and this first single is a wonderful lovely piece of dreamy and slightly progressive indie-pop, riding on a warm wave of analogue synths, a steady beat and the songwriter’s tender vocal performance. It’s an ode to the circumstances under which his new album came to life. Due to a hard disk mailfunction Doyle was forced to rely on recordings he saved on tape, unable to further work on the majority of the source material. Luckily he managed to turn the disaster into triumph and accepted the fact which freed him from a lot of pressure (the predecessor album took him four years to record). It’s a sign of a new confidence for the Mercury Prize nominated artist and a fitting anthem to make the best out of any situation. Needless to say, this song is quite suitable to 2021, right?

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