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— Daily Tune 12/04/2019

WIVES – ‘Waving Past Nirvana’

One week, 25 years ago Kurt Cobain shot himself and ended the early 90s Grunge hype for good although some critics might argue that this already happened when his band released their Nevermind album in 1991. After years of radio silence it feels as if the ‘fuck it’ notion of the movement is making a subtle comeback over the past years. New York’s WIVES are a perfect example for that and despite the fact that their debut single is called Waving Past Nirvana the iconic Seattle-based band isn’t the most obvious influence. “It’s a function of me trying to be a mixture between Kool Keith and Lou Reed and failing,” explains singer Jay Beach his vocal performance attempt int his one. And the beginning the the band sounds much sharper than him before he continues to get better with the challenge. WIVES are making a noisy, gritty and slightly  psychedelic impact here. It’s an intense debut and we can’t wait to here more from the four-piece that just signed to City Slang as well.

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