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— Daily Tune 15/11/2018

Wooden Peak – ‘Stitch’

German duo Sebastian Bode and Jonas Wolter aka Wooden Peak have been making slow but steady waves in the German underground scene for a decade now, being both – restless and adventurous. Stitch, the first single of the band’s upcoming fourth full-length Yellow Walls feels like a fresh start for the two-piece that manages to constantly evolve it sounds. It’s a tender and reduced affair, unfolding its gentle and soulful vibe with a minimum of ingredients but still feels like every piece of this musical puzzle is right at the place where it needs to be. The song also got this quite addictive groove that almost feels like a heartbeat. It’s really hypnotic to say the least and it makes me quite excited for what’s next in the busy Wooden Peak cosmos. Yellow Walls arrives on January 18 via Kicktheflame.

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