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— Daily Tune 08/02/2019

Wy – ‘Pavements’

Okay by Swedish two-piece Wy has been one of our favourite (and quite underrated) debut albums of 2017 and it’s a pleasure to welcome Ebba Ågren and Michel Gustafsson back with a new single these days called Pavements. Compared to the often quite introverted sound of the debut album this song unravels a certain fighting spirit as Ebba gets into boxing mode while shouting ‘My depression is my weapon.’ It’s about turning a weakness into strength and the video underlines this. The singer explains the idea: ‘While recording the studio version of the song our friend Joar told me that it sounded like someone punching. I immediately saw myself boxing in the air to it and so we made it the video. When we recorded the footage I tried to mimic how I moved and felt while recording the vocals. I think the act of boxing captures the feeling of the song perfectly, especially when I can’t really box. There is a weirdness to it that I like.’ And needless to say we like it a lot as well. The future continues to look very promising for Wy.


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