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— Daily Tune 09/03/2022

Xavier Rudd Advocates For Freedom And Equality On”Ball And Chain”

The Australian multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd returns with another single promoting messages of peace and equality. Ball And Chain precedes the artist’s tenth studio record Jan Juc Moon out later this month and features the rapper J-MILLA. I’m a survivor, Xavier Rudd sings on the catchy chorus which blends into the verses of the rapper. His verses fold over the heavy drumbeat that the artist provides as a backdrop and are enhanced by the performance of the two artists facing one another in the music video. Sitting behind an impressive set up of a drumkit with a didgeridoo attached to it, Rudd shows his multitasking skills as he keeps the beat up while playing the instrument. Drawing from Aboriginal traditions, the musician is deeply entangled in the local culture and features performers to honor the culture he is using for inspiration.

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