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— Daily Tune 11/01/2022

Yard Act Are The Hottest New Indie Rock Band In Town And “Rich” Proves It

Just when an old indie rock expert like me thought the British scene has given us enough great bands over the past decades and you think ‘nah, that’s it’ a band like Yard Act comes along to prove me wrong. The hottest new guitar band of the scene got everything you wish for: sharp guitars, even sharper lyrics, plenty of fun and lots of attitude. There’s plenty of dark humor and cynical storytelling in their music but the four lads from Leeds make sure to also deliver it with catchy hooks and that raw irresistible post-punk energy. Rich is a prime example here, a joyful anti-capitalist anthem. According to band leader James Smith the song is natural successor to their previous single Payday which already delt with gentrification and class fetish. “That’s the end of the story right?,” he says: “Success! Status! Security! Except, there’s always more money to be made, and you’re deemed a failure if your life starts to head back in the direction it came from. It’s about being so lost you’re sure you know exactly where you are and how you got there.” He also said that he wrote Rich because it would actually be quite funny if Yard Act made lots of money with their anti-capitalist music. Well, they surely deserve a bit fame and fortune, right? The guys will drop their anticipated debut album The Overload on January 21 and if such a thing like music hypes still exist then please consider this to be one.

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