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— Daily Tune 05/07/2019

ZUSTRA – ‘Oh No’

Oh No? Oh Yes! Lovers of cinematic pop rejoice as this new single by Berlin-based songwriter ZUSTRA might quickly turn into one of your favourites. Like a furious hurricane her voice unravels its enigmatic strength on Oh No while the epic drums carry her dark dream pop forward. There’s something slightly spiritual in this song so shooting the accompanying music video in a church appears to be a fitting choice. According to ZUSTRA the song is about the dramatic, consuming sides of love. In her own words it deals with “the obessesion to ‘get’ someone just to fill an inner emptiness, the desire to ‘eat’ this person out of lust, but also out of hunger, and the tragedy to leave your counterpart sooner than later, because we oftentimes only fall in love with illusions.” For the songwriter love often feels like it has become a substitute for religion in many ways so that explains the church scenery as well. Or, it’s just a subtle Madonna reference, right? The song remains pretty wonderful and we’ll definitely keep ZUSTRA on our radar.

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