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— Daily Tune 28/05/2021

A Blaze Of Feather’s “Another Lifetime” Creates Moody Spaces To Get Lost In

Some folk supergroups carry the label for a reason and Cornwall’s A Blaze Of Feather certainly rank among these, as their latest Another Lifetime demonstrates. Prominently led by Cornish creative and visual artist Mickey Smith, with the infamous Ben Howard as his chief collaboration mate, the project, having published the two well-received albums, designs an atmosphere that appears mystic, incredibly gripping and sonically lush. Another Lifetime hits exactly that note as it offers rich electronic textures, fronted by a cautious vocal performance by Mickey Smith. There is no real build-up here, but the song really doesn’t need that, as the captivating streams of the synths and hazy guitars create a twisting dance on their own. In a quite unobtrusive way, this piece is full of bliss and one does indeed wonder, why this project isn’t indeed more popular yet. Treat yourself to some of these vibes right here and make sure to head to some of the earlier material of the band as well.

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