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— Daily Tune 01/05/2018

Amber Arcades – ‘Simple Song’

Progress seems to be an ongoing ally for Dutch musician Annelotte de Graaf and her alter ego Amber Arcades ever since she first showed up on our radar back in 2016 with her debut album Fading Lines. In the meantime she literally changed her sound (via last year’s It Changes) towards a more organic indie-rock-like territory, signed a deal with Heavenly Recordings and now freshly announced a new full-length. European Heartbreak is the name of the record which is – like the title implies – an ode to Europe and was inspired by different cultural influences. Simple Song arrives as a joyful sun-drenched piece of indie pop. The accompanying music video is the second part in a trilogy that was previously started via Goodnight Europe and I’m really liking this joyful and slightly arty love story it tells. Unfortunately we have to wait for the arrival of European Heartbreak right till after the end of summer as it won’t be out before September 28. In the meantime I hope this Simple Song will work as a companion for your summer romance this year.

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