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— Daily Tune 30/09/2020

April Hits A Smooth, Liquid Pop Groove On “Watching You Disappear”

Irish artist April didn’t have to wait long to establish herself – the songs that made up her debut EP New Conditions had instant appeal, colourful, dreamy pop songs that showed she had a vision and knew how to execute it. Now she’s back with a new EP, Luna, and the latest single from it is Watching You Disappear. It still sounds like the old April, but breaks new ground for her sound – a little funk drips into the mix here, living in the rippling bassline that gives the song its slippery, liquid groove. One of April‘s strengths is making a recognisable feeling really shine through a song, and Watching You Disappear is a great example of that, with its knowingly self-destructive longing (“the longer the waiting, the sweeter the call“) and lysergic sense of reality slipping spun into smooth, honeyed pop. April says: ““I wrote Watching You Disappear at a time I was going out loads and doing things to take my mind off things and feelings, so the title is basically about me watching someone fade away in my mind as I preoccupy my brain! I used to listen to “I’ll Come Too” by James Blake every night I’d go out, so I put the lyric ‘I’m in that kinda mood’ in my song as a little homage”. Luna is out on October 23.

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