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— Daily Tune 01/12/2021

“Trick By Trick” By ÄTNA Is An Outburst Of Futuristic Pop Energy

German duo ÄTNA continues to make waves in the European music scene with their experimental and futuristic pop that seems to more and more loose sense for boundaries with every new release. Trick By Trick is a Hip Hop-fuelled hurricane of energetic electro pop, driven by beats and the duo’s frantic vocal perfformance. It’s a huge step forward from last year’s debut album Made By Desire and the proof that Inéz and Demian just got started. Appropriately, the follow-up record goes by the name Push Life, underlining their energy which is just dying to be performed live on stage which will hopefully be possible again next year. The album’s out on April the 1st and you better have the ÄTNA gang on your radar by then.

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