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— Daily Tune 02/02/2021

Baby Queen Unravels A Wholesome Party Anthem On “Raw Thoughts”

Most people are happy if they make it out of bed when they’re struggling with a big hangover. Putting the rest of us to shame, however, Bella Latham aka Baby Queen smashed out the thunderous Raw Thoughts after a particularly big night out. Quite how she summoned the energy for such a lively track while suffering with a pounding head is beyond us, but here it is – already one of the most vibrant songs we’ve heard this year. Having moved from Durban to London, Baby Queen cites the cultural differences in the ‘social meda influencer lifestyle’ between the two cities as inspiration for this modern-pop effort. She also does justice to her own personal musical influences, namely The 1975 and Taylor Swift, relying on bright synths, tight percussion, and lyrics that serve as a commentary on everyday life. Raw Thoughts is a wholesome pop anthem that’ll no doubt sound-track a lot more nights out, followed by some inevitable hangovers the next day. And so, the circle of life completes itself.

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