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— Daily Tune 19/01/2022

Barrie Celebrates The Surreal Joy Of Falling In Love During Lockdown In “Quarry”

2019’s debut album Happy To Be Here by Barrie was a true hidden treasue of the final pre-pandemic summer thanks to such wonderful little indie-pop gems like Geology. Now, band leader Barrie Lindsay resurfaces with a follow-up and this one’s pretty much a solo effort so it makes sense to name the album Barbara which is her legal, formal name. The result is a deeply personal record written in the wake of her father’s passing and the midst of falling in love with her now wife, Gabby who also helped crafting the record during the difficult reality of lockdown life. Quarry is a fitting first teaser of the record since it’s a song about falling in love while living in an isolated environment, resulting in a slightly surreal yet also very joyful experience as the songwriter puts it. It’s a mood-lifting warm piece of indie-pop that perfectly showcases the artist’s newfound boldness and makes us look forward to the second Barrie fill-length. Barbara is set to arrive on March 25 via Winspear.

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