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— Daily Tune 02/03/2022

Bored At My Grandmas House Makes A Dazzling Return With The Dreamy “Detox”

Leeds-based songwriter Amber Strawbridge aka Bored At My Grandmas House really brightened the gloomy days of last year’s lockdown winter with the warm and charming sounds of her debut EP Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too so we’re quite excited that the talented artist finally returns with new material these days. Detox continues the dreamy vibe of her first release but moves a bit further into shoegaze territory, showing just how much she has grown over the past months. The song is a tale of navigating change as Amber explains: “It’s about feeling alienated, not knowing who you can and can’t trust, and figuring out how to be yourself whilst also discovering who you are. The lyrics represent exactly how I felt in that current moment, numb, confused to who I was and overwhelmed by all the changes I was starting to encounter.” Well, needless to say there’s definitely nothing boring about Bored At My Grandmas House which is why we can’t wait for more material from her throughout 2022.

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