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— Daily Tune 17/09/2021

“Getaway Car” By Charly Haze Is The Fitting Alternative Pop Anthem For New Beginnings

We’ve reported about the irresistible catchy pop of Dutch artist Charlot Henzen aka Charly Haze before (remember her sweet track Backfire?). Now, we’re happy that she just released her first ever EP called Getaway Car which features all of those sweet singles from before and also a brand new one in the form of the title-track. Also the song feels like it’s drenched in melancholia there is also a warm, calm and quite uplifting vibe to it. It’s a track about acceptance as Henzen also explains: “The song is about embracing change, but I’m still heavy hearted about what I’m leaving behind. It’s a time for new beginnings anyway, so needless to say it perfectly fits the current vibe. Check out the entire Getaway Car EP and make sure to keep Charly Haze on your radar as well.

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