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— Daily Tune 25/02/2020

Closing Eyes – ‘You Can Have Everything’

It’s been two years since Closing Eyes dropped their debut album Soft Years, and now the Bergen psych-rockers are finally back with new music. And new single You Can Have Everything has them sounding at their sweetest. Kicking off with a woozy synth, it’s a song that grows slowly into itself before its chorus soars into the clouds, with the melodic interplay between Emilie Lium Vordal and Eirik Asker Pettersen’s vocals taking it onto a whole new plane. That interplay is a sign of how clever the songwriting is here – every detail and trick they employ helps make You Can Have Everything special, and it results in a shining piece of dream-rock. Pettersen says: “You Can Have Everything is about being confused. Before I wrote the song, I had spoken with a friend who was having some problems with his girlfriend. I remember that conversation very well – it reminded me of the confusion I often feel as I grow older. Convictions that seem so solid can suddenly disappear, and become unresolved issues. I don’t think we’re so good with dealing with that”.

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