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— Daily Tune 04/10/2021

Controlled Chaos And Restless Fun From DIVES’ New Single “Streets”

Scrappy, scuzzy and packed-out indie shows might be on their way soon, maybe, from the heads of guitars tapping the low roofs to shoes sticking to the floor, and even if you can’t quite make it to one in person yet, then you can transport yourself their mentally with the new single from Viennese trio DIVES, which does a great job of summoning up that spirit. At just under three and a half minutes, Streets is a freewheeling, exuberant anthem to adventure, sparkled up by DIVES’ easy knack for melody and sugar-coated harmonies. There’s a little bit of controlled chaos in it, with a little bit of wayward energy that sounds like it could steer off the road at any second, but in the end, that’s all part of the fun, for a piece of breezy, irrepressible garage rock. It’s from DIVES’ upcoming new album, currently slated for release in 2022.

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