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— Daily Tune 31/03/2021

Eliza Shaddad Returns To Lift Us Out Of Covid-Despair With The Tender “Blossom”

It’s been a while since we last heard of talented songwriter Eliza Shaddad who has given us a pretty underrated debut album in 2018 with Future. The last we heard from her was the Sept ~ Dec EP back in the fall of 2019, including the great song Girls. Now, she’s back at last with new material and Blossom continues to highlight her great songwriting skills. It’s a tender folk ballad that shows a more reduced and sparse side of Shaddad‘s work. Blossom is a musical love letter to personal development, change and hope so needless to say it’s a song the entire world needs right now. In the current absence of live events Eliza Shaddad also just started an ambitious live streaming event which will see her embarking on weekly Instagram live streams and collaborations with joint artists. Well, and obviously, this sweet track is also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new material from her.

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