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— Daily Tune 02/11/2018

Everyone You Know – ‘Our Generation’

Anthems about the current generation have a long running history in the world of pop music ever since The Who started it in 1965. Fifty years later a new generation is facing similar but also different problems and Brothers Rhys Kirkby-Cox and Harvey Kirkby deliver the fitting soundtrack. Our Generation by their band Everyone You Know is finest British guitar pop that nails down some of the most urgent issues of Generation Z. ‘My generation’s fucked / We don’t know how to love’ the band sums up the dilemma while delivering a really catchy piece of indie-pop, lifting the depressive notion of the song and its subject to slightly lighter territory. The band just released its first EP and it sounds indeed like the promise of a brighter future. They will also perform at this month’s free INTRODUCING event in Berlin, presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Full information about it right here.

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