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— Daily Tune 29/09/2020

Faye Webster Makes Boredom Beautiful With “Better Distractions”

Everything seems boring to me; I don’t know what to do”, Faye Webster speaks straight out of the soul of all of us staying indoors during quarantine. The Atlanta based singer releases Better Distractions – her second song this year following the acclaimed Atlanta Millionaires Club last year. Her ever-lethargic vocals drip like honey over the mellow instrumentation. The intricate layers of different melodies and instruments melt together so smoothly you might not even hear the groovy bass-line and the jazzy guitar at the first listen. Beauty lies in simplicity is the concept Faye Webster sticks to in the lo-fi music video with a DIY aesthetic as well. Better Distractions is a song to sweeten the moments that seem to never end but when you look back, they have gone too fast.

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