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— Daily Tune 29/04/2019

Floral Shop – ‘ISO’

Some of you might remember Cologne-based indie rockers Floral Shop not only because their lead singer Igor Franjić also writes for NBHAP but because he also documented the struggle of a young band performing at a showcase festival these days. So, yeah that’s a plus to get featured in our Daily Tune section but luckily Igor and his bandmates also produce really good songs, even if it sometimes takes a bit longer for them to arrive. ISO is their second single following 2017’s Around and it’s a blissful affair. Dreamy guitar hooks meet a hypnotic groove, creating a summerly and hazy atmosphere that resembles bands like Beach Fossils, Real Estate and a certain nostalgic notion from 1980s wave pop as well. It’s a shimmering summer anthem and I sincerely hope you continue to have the Floral Shop lads on your radar because … well, we definitely will.

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