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— Daily Tune 08/07/2021

“As Much As I Can” by Girlpuppy Is Sweest Dreamy Indie Rock Temptation

Atlanta-based songwriter Becca Harvey and her alter ego Girlpuppy first caught our attention last summer when the gentle indie folk of her track Cheerleader became an instant musical love affair for us. Now she’s back on our radar with the dreamy, soft-focus As Much As I Can, a summery piece of romantic indie rock with an irresistible uplifting spirit to carry you through this time of hope and relief. “This is a love song to the people in my life that make unconditional love the most difficult,” Harvey explains the track. “I use the verses to recognise our differences, but also to recognise that we have a lot of shared experiences. I think a lot of it has to do with generational differences, the friction that it causes, and coming to terms with it.” The charming song is also a teaser of the Girlpuppy debut EP Swan which arrives on August 20 via Royal Mountain Records.

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