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— Daily Tune 31/07/2020

Girlpuppy Unfolds Bittersweet Break-Up Melancholia On “Cheerleader”

When Becca Harvey grew up she first started writing songs with the intention of following her idols Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift but luckily she picked a path of her own. As Girlpuppy she delivers delicate indie-folk sweetness that’s now actually pretty close to what Mrs. Swift released last week but way more grounded Cheerleader is a heart-warming piece of break-up melancholia, reminding us of Phoebe Bridgers which is not a total surprise since Harvey and she share the same producer, Marshall Vore. Cheerleader is a break-up song but according to Harvey her former lover isn’t the main focus here. “I wrote this about how I just want my dog back from my ex,” she says and yeah, I think we all can relate to this, right? More charming Girlpuppy material will hopefully arrive later this year so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for it.