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— Daily Tune 18/02/2022

GRETA Channels Impending Spring Euphoria With Synth Pop Smasher “Forever We’ll Be Dancing”

Hope is on the horizon in some form – the end of the winter, a more moderat Covid phase and finally live shows again. If everything goes right Forever Will Be Dancing might a fitting credo for the upcoming summer of 2022 and if this will be the case Danish artist Greta Schenk aka GRETA got the right song and album for it. You might remember her from last year’s Vibrant which we featured in our LISTEN AHEAD section (among a really charming session she recorded for us) and in the meantime the newcomer continued to drop great tunes and an entire album that’s packed with extremely catchy and groovy synthpop gems. If you got a certain amount of passion of that specific synthetic pop sound that got its roots in the 1980s then it’s an album you should not miss. Here to convince you is its sparkling title-track which sees GRETA dancing in a giant hall packed with washing machines while also wearing elf ears. So, yeah a little bit of context could help but is definitely not needed to enjoy this little pop treasure. Make sure to check out the full album that also goes by the name Forever We’ll Be Dancing and that’s out right now on W.A.S. Entertainment.

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