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— Daily Tune 09/07/2018

Hatchie – ‘Bad Guy’

Believe the hype, sweethearts! Pitchfork already declared Hatchie to your favourite new indie pop poster girl and indeed, the sound of the Australian newcomer is just too tempting to not immediately fall for it. Her freshly released debut EP Sugar & Spice takes the retro-driven notion of early 90s dream pop/ shoegaze (Slowdive, Cocteau Twins) and takes it further into pop territory. Catchy hooks, a warm and tempting sound and that special feeling of instant familiarity dominate Hatchie‘s sound and Bad Guy is a perfect example for that. Similar to bands like Pale Waves and The 1975, the Australian singer uses traditional indie music ingredients and puts them in a posh pop music setting. By doing that Hatchie might even introduce that lovely sound to a new generation and you really can’t argue against that – plus this is just really good and profound songwriting. Get ready for an instant crush in three, two, one …

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