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— Daily Tune 04/07/2018

Hater – ‘I Wish I Gave You More Time Because I Love You’

By now you should know that the majority of NBHAP is rooting to make Hater your favourite new indie crush of this summer and beyond. They already gave us a great debut album and a follow-up EP last year and I told you more than once to check these out. Thank god, the four Swedes remain restless and recently announced their second LP Siesta for a release on September 28. First musical impressions arrive in the form of a new double single. While the A-Side It’s So Easy might the more obvious choice for a lead single I actually prefer the B-Side (like cool kids do). I Wish I Gave You More Time Because I Love You delivers all the tender and youthful melancholy I’ve come to love from Hater‘s previous material. It’s the perfect song to carry you through a warm summer night and I really hope they’ll warm your heart as well.

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