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— Daily Tune 04/09/2018

Jaz Karis – ‘Petty Lover’

There’s something really tempting about the soulful pop of Jaz Karis‘ latest single Petty Lover. The only 19-year-old singer delivers a spng that is as catchy as it is sensual. Especially the reduced, nocturnal late night vibe of it really caught my attention right here. The electronic yet quite organic sounds surely remind a bit of old-fashioned 90s soul pop á la Erykah Badu. And the fact that she also visited the famous BRIT School (like King Krule, Jessie J and Amy Winehouse before) might be another reason to play the ‘next big thing’ card here. The song itself remains a great one and if you like what you hear you’ll be able to spot Jaz Karis live on stage at the Introducing events in Hamburg and Berlin this month, produdly presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

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