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— Daily Tune 21/07/2021

John Moods Takes You On A Surreal Soft Pop Trip With “Meet Me In My Dreams”

Back in spring Jonathan Jarzyna – better known under his stage name John Moods – already released the first half of his two-EP/one-album projects (we told you about its fluffy title-track back then), now he’s ready to unleash the second part to the world. The full So Sweet So Nice experience is set to arrive on August 6 and Meet Me In My Dreams is another teaser that proves why this album could become a steady companion for your remaining summer of 2021. Once again, the songwriter unfolds dreamy indie pop vibes that are as vivid and easy going like a warm summer day. The trippy music video underlines that feeling but takes it into slightly surreal territory. Mr. Moods got a bit help from fellow Fenster bandmember JJ Weihl aka Discovery Zone who took care of the visuals (and also played bass on the tune). Make sure to follow the two adventurous on their trip into the land of dreams.

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