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— Daily Tune 29/01/2019

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – ‘Desire’

Here’s one from the category ‘Great artists we almost forgot about’. Well, after all it’s been almost four years since Swedish psychedelic pop artist Joesfin Öhrn released her really great debut album Horse Dance. Since then Josefin and her writing partner Fredrik have relocated from Stockholm to London and have created a new Liberation around them, making the whole Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation an actual band in 2019. Their third LP Sacred Dreams arrives on April 26 via Rocket Recordings and judging from its first single Desire the Swedish still got all the fine qualities we’ve come to love in the firts place. While being a bit more electronic Desire still got all the nocturnal energy that easily hypnotizes the listener. And according to Öhrn the record is fueled by such a vibe. ‘This album comes out of a period of heartbreak, loss and dissolution, but also of deep love, warmth and beauty unveiled in the middle of it,’ she explains and you can definitely count us in for that all time.

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