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— Daily Tune 02/12/2019

Kanot – ‘La Danse Des Corneilles’

Down in Gothenburg (up in Gothenburg? I don’t know where you’re reading this from), they like their dance music weird, and the label Höga Nord Rekords has for a long time been a home base for that sound. The latest project out of that stable is Kanot, and their new single La Danse Des Corneilles steps easily into that world of shape-shifting, brain-fizzing music that sounds like the vinyl is melting as you play it. La Danse Des Corneilles could be any number of things depending on how and when you look at it – offbeat funk, desert psych, LSD-addled dance, or the soundtrack to a shaman chopping your head off, and the duo manage to somehow keep all these elements in loose sync with one another to make a coherent and infectiously fun song. They say “We’re most comfortable when working in a fast flow, when we can react directly to the sounds without involving too much afterthought or direct references”. Kanot‘s split single Bottenmannen/La Danse Des Corneilles is out now.

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