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— Daily Tune 01/04/2020

Sparkly, Spindly Art-Pop From Kate NV On “Sayonara”

Russian artist Kate Shilonosova, aka Kate NV, always brings something interesting to the table when she releases new music, so the news that a new album is on the way from her is very good news. Sayonara is single that kicks off the new campaign, a song that seems breathtakingly fragile and delicate in its construction, but in a way that doesn’t stop it shimmering with life. She keeps everything thing and sparse on this song, from the vocals to the guitar riffs, with all interlocked and mutually-supporting in a pattern like a spider’s web. A song that’s complex, but one that opens up the more you listen – everything art pop should be. New album Room For The Moon is out on June 12 on RVNG International.


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