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— Daily Tune 30/07/2018

Kate Teague – ‘Good To You’

Right now, Kate Teague‘s Good To You isn’t actually featured in our ‘Sunny Indie Vibes’ playlist but we’re about to change that in our next update, trust us. The tune is just a perfect representation of that lush DIY spirit we really appreciate during these hot summer days. The young lady from Oxford, Mississippi delivers a vocal performance that slightly reminds me of Mazzy Star‘s Hope Sandoval and young Stevie Nicks; it’s soft yet quite powerful and emotional. The smooth Good To You is a first teaser of her debut album which will be released  via Muscle Beach Records in early 2019. ‘The lyrics are about my struggle with comparing myself as a partner to other people as partners,’ Teague explains the content of the track. She furthermore states that the song is about ‘relaying my frustration at inopportune times… like at a wedding.’ If you can relate to that – or if you are just looking for a wonderful piece of indie-pop in the style of Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail – this is the perfect song to get your week started.

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