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— Daily Tune 12/03/2020

Kristofer Åström – ‘Inbetweener’

For over twenty years Swedish musician Kristofer Åström has been a constant force of quality in an ever changing world of music. And still, to our surprise, he’s one of Europe’s most underrated musical treasures; one that deserves way more attention. Åström‘s tender tracks have been an emotional anchor for many of us and we’re pretty sure this new single will be another one. The six-minute long Inbetweener is a first single from his yet to be detailed first new studio album in five years. It’s a powerful yet gentle piece of indie folk that is carried by a warm melody and this wonderful hook that will probably stuck in your head for the entire day. The reactions on the track so far are really interesting for the songwriter: “I have noticed that the song Inbetweener touches on very different emotions depending on who is listening to it, and is interpreted in different ways. I’ve always found it interesting what listeners read into my songs.” So when he asked his daughter Astrid on her thoughts she painted the picture you can see as the artwork and that’s just another wonderful little story that makes this man so valuable. If you agree and happen to be in Hamburg and Berlin next week don’t hesitate do visit the new We Need More Indie concert series, presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, which will also have Kristofer Åström debuting new music along with old favourites live on stage.

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