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— Daily Tune 16/01/2019

Lali Puna – ‘Being Water’

After twenty years in the music business it’s lovely to see that Valerie Trebeljahr and her project Lali Puna are still quite hungry in terms of artistic endeavours. Being Water might easily be the catchiest song they’ve put out since their comeback around two years ago. It’s a powerful little electropop gem with an honest undertone and the charming music video underlines that notion. Trebeljahr about the ‘doggy music’ video: ‘Who could symbolize living in capitalism better than a dog living in the city? It never can do what a dog really needs to do. At the same time it’s not totally bad. It’s simply his reality that he can’t escape from.’ And despite the charming vibe of song and video this is indeed a great metaphor for the mess we’re in right now. A new Lali Puna EP that also goes by the name Being Water arrives on March 1 via Morr Music.

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