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— Daily Tune 22/01/2020

Leif Erikson – ‘Question Time’

British band Leif Erikson has become a constant deliver of profound independent rock ever since they first showed up on our map with their track Matter in late 2018. One year ago this track was followed by 21 Grams and a really great EP after that. Now, the lads are back with Question Time a first teaser of an EP by the same name and they haven’t lost their magic. The tune sounds a bit heavier but the melodic harmonies and the perfectly crafted songwriting pick up right there where these folks left us. The song also deals with the current state of the planet where the majority of the people and politics still refuse to take action in the wake of our impending demise. Leif Erikson use their music to put us in an uncomfortable position and that’s exactly where we should be these days, don’t you agree?

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