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— Daily Tune 11/06/2018

Loma – ‘White Glass’

Attention! You can win something in here … Do you know that feeling when you are really excited about an album and then it suddenly slips through your fingers and you missed the actual release date. That happened to us with the really great self-titled debut LP by Loma which came out in February. As you might know (since we previously recommended them right here) Loma is a band of Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater and Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski of Cross Record. The whole record is a tempting piece of nocturnal and sensual alternative pop that is inspired by many fields, from folk to soul and delivers a really wonderful cohesive atmosphere. White Glass is a perfect example for that and that combination also works great live. The band plays in Berlin on June 18 and in Dresden on 19 and if you want to attend you can just drop us a mail to with the subject Loma and the city of your choice. Yes, that’s a first: a Daily Tune ticket raffle. Because why not?

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