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— Daily Tune 07/06/2021

Louien’s “Fire” Is A Serene Hymn For The Here And Now

From her freshly released EP No Tomorrow, the atmospheric Fire by Louien (aka Live Miranda Solberg) is yet another solemn achievement of the Norwegian indie folk artist, putting her virtues right on the spot. Mellow strings and sweet acoustic guitar pickings reverberate against Solberg’s tender voice, as she creates a harmonic and sustained sonic journey, which leads into harbours of hope and a redemptive feel. While her 2019 debut None Of My Words dealt with the trauma of losing her father, the new set of songs – as does Fire – find Louien free from her burden and set out to discover beautiful truths for the here and now. “I wanted to play around a bit more, not take myself or the songs too seriously as the debut was very heavy and took years to write. I mean, writing a thoroughly happy song might still be out of my reach, but I’m trying to get more than one perspective in there”, Solberg has to say. Enjoy the piece right here and make sure to give the whole EP a good spin as well!

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