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— Daily Tune 24/02/2022

Lucas Laufen’s Extracts Serene Hope From A Tragic Loss On “I Don’t Believe In Loss”

The fourth release from his upcoming sophomore record Weathering (arriving on May 13 later this spring), I Don’t Believe In Loss highlights yet once more the incredible craft of Lucas Laufen to emit serene acoustic beauty from existential angst. Dealing with an unprepared and tragic loss, the heartfelt tune extracts both hopeful and sombre feelings, while the music wraps up this spectrum with a soothing body of acoustic guitar pickings and mellow strands of strings. “It was a strange coincidence to have people I’m close to all going through the same emotions at the same time and I think it was the shared experience of it all that pulled me back into a positive state of mind”, the Australian musician shares and adds: “I feel more at peace with it after moving through this period with people I love”. Make sure you give this piece a good spin.

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