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— Daily Tune 26/02/2021

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys Release The Quiet, Yet Intense “Evening Train”

Beloved songwriter Lucy Kruger meditates on alienation and intimacy on Evening Train. The single was the first track the musician wrote after her move from to Berlin. Observing the odd relationship, one has to fellow passengers on a train – going in the same direction for a few minutes of life only – Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys captures the emotions of suddenly calling a strange place home perfectly. Her soft voice is accompanied by swelling layers of reverbed guitars on the chorus and left almost to fight on its own on the stripped back verses. Evening Train radiates the same sleepy nostalgia as the previous record, Sleeping Tapes. In between whispering and singing, Lucy’s voice like the delicate flame of a candle, flickering but still bearing the power and warmth to illuminate an entire room and to spark a fire if it wanted to. Lucy Kruger’s music inhabits that niche with unparalleled elegance. We also recommend you to take a closer look at her work via the Late Night Talks feature stroy we did with her one year ago. The new album Transit Tapes (For Women Who Move Furniture Around) arrives on May 14 via Unique Records and it’s one you should have on your radar.

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