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— Daily Tune 30/10/2019

MADANII & L:LUCID – ‘Say Something’

Berlin based Iranian-German songstress MADANII has given uns majestic pop gems like DRKNESS and ROSEMVRY before and it’s quite wonderful to see her fresh career slowly blossoming into something bigger and more beautiful. Recently she’s been teaming up with producer L:LUCID and that really lifts her R&B-infected soul pop on a new level. Say Something is the latest result of this musical joint venture and it’s an addictive piece of sensual pop sweetness with a really catchy hook. It’s a song that leaves space and that might be its biggest strength. Unlike many other ‘future pop/ tropical house’ stuff that’s around these days the dynamic duo delivers a ‘less is more’ spirit on this one and that let’s the music and lyrics all the space it really needs. A full collaborative EP of MADANII and L:LUCID arrives next February.

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