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— Daily Tune 07/07/2021

Pop Shooting Stars Magdalena Bay Are On The Rise With “Chaeri”

L.A. duo Magdalena Bay have been making waves for the last few years with their artful brand of intelligent pop (remember the great Killshot?) and have built a reputation for producing insightful commentaries on the music industry on their Tik Tok channel. 2020 EP A Little Rhythm And A Wicked Feeling was a promising release and now the pair have delivered a further slice of sparkling electro-pop with their latest single Chaeri. The moniker of Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin, Magdelena Bay have also announced their debut album, Mercurial World, which is due out in the autumn. Chaeri, which blends a warm Charli XCX-style bassline with Tenenbaum’s dreamlike vocals and infectious, driving percussion is a perfect sonic pick-me up, for anyone who might need a little lift right now. Describing the song as being about “mental health, friendship, loneliness and control”, the duo go on to say “It’s about the walls we put up and the walls we should tear down for the sake of authentic connection.” It’s sure to get plenty of radio play as the weather warms up, and with a tantalising futuristic video to accompany the release, Magdalena Bay’s star is firmly on the rise with Chaeri.

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