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— Daily Tune 15/02/2021

“Birch” By Maja Lena Delivers A Vulnerable And Yet Elevated Spirit

Formerly a member of alt-folk group Low Chimes, Marianne Parish is setting out for new sonic adventures under her solo moniker Maja Lena – and the soothing Birch is yet another fine tease to her upcoming debut The Keeper (due in this year’s July). “Birch is a song about feeling vulnerable yet elated”, the songwriter shares. “It is about starting a new phase of life and love, yet also knowing that this elation could be snatched away at any given moment. The Birch tree here is a symbol for this feeling, and its branches moving in the wind resemble a feeling of freedom and excitement”. Musically, there is an open spirit roaming through the verses, subtly carried by soft guitars and delicate drum patterns, refined by the musician’s soothing voice, which seems to carry as far as the idyllic imagery of the words evokes. Treat yourself to this little treasure right here and make sure you keep this talent on your watch for further delights.

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