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— Daily Tune 01/09/2020

Medium Love Spread Charming DIY Indie Rock Vibes On ‘Little Love’

I’ve been a huge fan of 2010s indie rock two-piece Big Deal as some of you might remember from this extended feature I dedicated to the band last year. Following their split-up four years ago I was dying for new material from the group and now fifty percent of it – Kacey Underwood – are returning with a follow-up project. Medium Love still got a bit from that charming lo-fi indie rock vibe of Underwood’s previous band but their freshly released debut EP Overcoming Shyness got more musical adventures to offer. Its lead single Little Love is a charming and melodic DIY anthem, that perfectly fits into the current late summer vibe. The thee-piece makes a fearless first impact with this one, I must say and I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for more Medium Love as they are currently working on their first full-length

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