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— Daily Tune 22/03/2021

Mykket Morton Unveil Strange, Shapeshifting Rock On “Upside Down”

For every band, there comes a time to sail their ship into new sonic waters, and that time is now for Kassel indie-rock gang Mykket Morton. Their new single Upside Down is a landmark moment for the band, the point at which they’ve stepped into a new sound that’s like nothing they’ve done before. Upside Down is an ambitious song – it’s sprawling, heavy, shape-shifting music that captures a heavy darkness and tumult in its 4-minute swirling mix of muscular rock music and bubbling electronica.  Starting off sparsely, the band gradually build up and add layers to the song, until its climatic moments crash with real, physical and emotional, power and force. It’s a song that aims for the strange and unsettling, and Mykket Morton draw those feelings sharply and make them their own. It’s the title track from their new EP, which is out now on Margherita Music.

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