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— Daily Tune 03/07/2020

NEOMADiC Fuse Jazzy Beats And 90s Hip Hop On “Mr Nice Guy”

Mr Nice Guy was released this May and it brought my attention back to the Dublin duo, NEOMADiC, with their relaxed sounds and philosophical lyrics that would make Mac Miller proud. This song is the first release since thedojo in October 2019 and it is, as most of their singles, accompanied by a comic-style video. DYRAMiD and noGood fight their reality of rejection and have street battles with every day characters – like the Gardaí. Their sound is inspired by jazzy beats, the ‘90s New York and is perfect for hanging out in a cozy, smoky apartment. The laid-back style especially pays off through humorous and self-reflective lyrics and it’s one of my favourite things the young Irish rap scene has currently to offer.

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