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— Daily Tune 06/09/2018

NEØV – ‘Elysion’

Finnish dream pop outfit NEØV has been one of my favourite musical discoveries of the past years, thanks to their great first two albums Orange Morning (2013) and Dominique (2015). I mean they even showed NBHAP around their home town back then. Now, the band around singer and leading man Anssi Neuvonen returns with their first new piece of music in three years and a certain ‘Now or never’ attitude. With a new label, Hamburg’s Clouds Hill Records, a new line-up as a trio, the first teaser of their third album is a great way to start this new chapter. Elysion sounds more defined an ‘on point’ without denying the group’s former strength. It still got that hazy notion and profound songwriting I’ve come to love about NEØV but you clearly sense the slicker production and confidence. It’s a smart move towards pop and I’m really excited what happens next for these guys.

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