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— Daily Tune 27/07/2021

Olivia Dean Finds Strength In Vulnerability On The Piano Ballad “Slowly”

We already had Olivia Dean on our Listen Ahead Playlist earlier this year. Now, the London-based artist is back with another release. Slowly is a somber piano ballad and shows the artist as a matured songwriter. The introspective and intimate lyrics are about a new relationship and letting someone in. On Slowly, Olivia Dean asks for patience when falling in love. She calls it “one of the most vulnerable songs” she has ever written. Yet, by digging deep and reflecting on feelings she turns that vulnerability into something to grow from. Her warm vocals melt pop and jazz to a tender ear-soothing melody. Finding the power in vulnerability, the singer takes her time to slow things down and to have a little patience. “I love to teach you how to hold me”, she sings and the line contains the core of the song’s emotive message.

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