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— Daily Tune 16/10/2019

Pale Honey – ‘Set Me Free’

We never lost track of Swedish indie rock piece Pale Honey in the past years after first falling in love with them back in 2015. Last year we got reminded about their talent at the Reeperbahn Festival and this fall they are finally back with a sparkling new single. Set Me Free is a bit more disco and less garage rock like their previous material but Nelly Daltry and Tuva Lodmark really managed to keep a good balance here between the old and new. It’s an uplifting disco anthem with clear nods to the 80s and it also marks the start of a new chapter for the band, not just musically but also personally as Lodmark describes it: “To me, the song symbolizes the emotions following a recent break-up. I was pissed and bitter, and at the same time regretful and sad. There was also an energy in me that was about to explode. I couldn’t be still, couldn’t sit at home, I had to go out and constantly meet new people. Everything had to happen, and it needed to happen all at once. The danceable element of the song represents the stage in a separation where you’re rediscovering yourself. Or simply going out into the night and not getting home until dawn.” The yet untitled third Pale Honey full-length arrives in February 2020 but the girls are already on tour in the next weeks so don’t miss that opportunity.

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