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— Daily Tune 11/02/2022

Oxford Duo pecq Create A Spacious Adventure With Thrilling And Expansive “Too Far Gone”

If you haven’t heard of pecq, you are in for a real treat, and the recent Too Far Gone once again demonstrates why. Fusing alt-pop vibes with expansive and ethereal soundscapes, carried by a voice ever so soothing and electrifying at the same time, the new tune is a dazzling and yet melancholic affair. Too Far Gone “came from the experience of trying to ground someone losing their grip on reality. It’s two opposite forces, one anchoring and one pulling away, further and further into their own world. In the drop, we wanted to capture the helpless, weightless feeling as that anchor finally breaks and you both spin out of control”, reflects the Oxford pair on the artistic process of the track and it doesn’t take much to trace back that dual side in every fibre of it. Head over to the piece right here.

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