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— Daily Tune 16/10/2020

People Club Demand Justice on “Lay Down Your Weapons”

The Berlin-based five-piece People Club (aka one of our favourite new bands of the year) are back with another single following their debut EP Kil Scott. Lay Down Your Weapons is their outcry against police brutality and disproportionate violence directed towards BIPoC and LGBTQA+ folks. Initially written in 2017, the song is sadly still hitting a nerve. “We were asking..but now we’re demanding. We deserve justice, we deserve freedom, we deserve that our lives are valued. Black lives matter and defund the motherfucking police,” the band says. On this single the anger shines through and accordingly, the instrumentation is hard-hitting. Kicking off on an unsettling humming synth and a driving beat Lay Down Your Weapons down shows the noisy garage rock side of the indie soul outfit.

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